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Colorado Green Chili

My husband is a native Coloradoan. I spent eight wonderful years in the Denver area. While we love living in Memphis, we agree that there are many things we miss: Family, friends, the Rocky Mountains (oh, the Rocky Mountains…), snow (but to be clear, I DO NOT miss the snow), and the incredible and unparalleled […]

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Daddy and Dad

“Old as she was, she still missed her Daddy sometimes.” -Gloria Naylor I have missed my Daddy for twenty-eight years now. It’s pretty rare that a moment in my own life goes by that I don’t think about what life would be like if he were still here. I can still see him, feel his […]

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Memphis Dads Blog Figuring Out Fatherhood Fathers Day Mary Kanowitz Aaron

Memphis Dads Take Over :: Figuring Out Fatherhood

As an ode to dads this Father’s Day, Memphis Moms Blog has asked some of our contributors’ baby-daddies to step in and write for us. They were given no direction–just to write about whatever they felt needed to be said. Tonight’s post is from Aaron, husband to Memphis Mom’s Blog’s Marketing Coordinator and one of our […]

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The Importance of a Sibling

In May of 1982, I became a big sister at the ripe old age of one. Sarah Elizabeth came into my life and, considering my age, she had always just been there as far as I can remember. We were just fourteen-and-a-half months apart and did most everything together. She looked nothing like me –light […]

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Don't Travel with Kids, But if You Do traveling children memphis moms blog

Don’t Travel with Kids, But if You Do…

When it comes to traveling with kids, the first piece of advice I am giving you is simple: don’t. Anywhere. In a car, in a plane, on a bus… Just don’t do it. Stay home. Thanks for reading! But really… The reality is, you have to travel with kids or you will become a hermit […]

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Seven Hours Craniosynostosis story

Seven Hours | A Craniosynostosis Story

Nearly one year ago, on December 12, 2014, I woke up earlier than I like. I am not a morning person. In fact, I typically stay up until hours that most people don’t see. I like the silence. I like the night, even though I am actually afraid of it. Some might say I’m crazy. […]

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Copy of Trading the Tree for a Menorah

Trading the Tree for a Menorah

Growing up in a small town in Middle America, I didn’t know anyone who didn’t celebrate Christmas. We all participated in our annual Christmas concert at school and, likely, sang and danced in one at our respective churches as well. Christmas time was magical and special. I would help my mom decorate our tree. We […]

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Mary Kanowitz

Meet Mary Kanowitz

Born and raised in Middle America agriculture country, I call the small town of Cameron, Missouri my hometown but spent much of my young life living in different towns in Kansas, Illinois and Iowa. I never really liked sitting still so I also attended three different colleges before earning my degree. I eventually left the […]

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