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Dear Mr. Vietnam Veteran

Dear Mr. Vietnam Veteran, Last Friday night I was dining with my husband and two young boys at a local BBQ place, and I noticed you watching us throughout dinner from the next table. I politely smiled several times, and you even commented on my husband cutting up chicken for our tired five year old. You […]

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stop telling me breast is best memphis moms blog

Stop Telling Me “Breast is Best”

Breastfeeding sucks. There. I said it. I know, I know. “Breast is best … Do what’s best for the baby …” Well, what if I can’t? Not won’t, but can’t? I want this whole breastfeeding thing so badly. I (semi) successfully breastfed my two older children, but this third time, it’s different. It has gotten progressively worse with each […]

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lessons learned

Lessons Learned One Year In

My daughter, Ruthie, just turned one at the beginning of January. One. How has a whole year gone by? I look at her and she has changed and grown so much–and so have I. We’ve been on this journey together and with each day, I have learned so much. I knew I wanted to be […]

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New Year's Resolutions

My Resolution to Stop Resolving

New Year’s resolutions always get me. Every year around Christmas, I get this sudden boost of confidence in my abilities to do everything better starting January 1st. Every year I make really cliché resolutions like “get in shape,” “get organized,” “follow a cleaning calendar”… the list goes on and on. And every year I base […]

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Grown Up Vacation...It's Time(1)

Grown Up Vacation – It’s Time

I can vividly remember sipping a fruity drink on my honeymoon and talking to my then-new husband about taking a special trip for our future 10th wedding anniversary. I had it all planned out – I told you I was a type-A planner! – we would travel back to Jamaica, stay at the same amazing resort, […]

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Losing My Identity Memphis Moms Blog

Losing My Identity

I was convinced that being a mom wouldn’t change me. When I got married, my friends told me that, once I was a wife, I would be different. Independent by nature, I was convinced that it wouldn’t be the case. And almost seven years in, I do believe that being married hasn’t changed me. I’m […]

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Reasons My Threenager is Whining

Reasons My Threenager is Whining

Everyone always talks about the “Terrible Twos.” We got through the two-year-old stage relatively unscathed at our house, and I felt #blessed. Very #blessed. Then, the day after my son’s third birthday, we learned about “Threenagers.” Our lives were turned completely upside-down, and suddenly we were #cursed with a threenager of our own. I kid, […]

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