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Taming your Toddler part 1 Misty Smith Memphis Moms Blog

Taming Your Toddler {Part 1}

Emotion Coaching There’s a reason the twos (or threes, or fours) have been called “terrible.” Emotions rule a toddler’s life like Britney Spears ruled the world of mental breakdowns in 2007. While we can’t completely eliminate tantrums like the princess of pop eliminated her hair, there are things we can do to tame our toddlers. […]

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words matter memphis moms blog destin tucker

Words Matter

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. This old nursery rhyme got it wrong. Words are powerful, and words can build you up or tear you down. In a world where we are constantly seeing headlines of bullying, cyber-bulling, social media, and texting, we have to start equipping our children at […]

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halfway to 7000 memphis moms blog lori parish

Halfway to 7000

We have a saying in our church that you only have approximately 7000 days with your child from crib to college. This idea has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. You see, my oldest and first born child, Alexandria (Ali), will be 9 this weekend. In less than a few days, we’ll be at day […]

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chose repeat c-section memphis moms blog sarah evans

I’m Glad I Chose a Repeat C-Section

The birth of my first daughter, Evie was… well let’s just say it did not go according to plan. I didn’t have a real birth plan, per se. I’m not a big fan of them, and I believe they set mothers up to feel like failures if the birth doesn’t go according to their wishes. […]

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importance of a sibling kary kanowitz memphis moms blog

The Importance of a Sibling

In May of 1982, I became a big sister at the ripe old age of one. Sarah Elizabeth came into my life and, considering my age, she had always just been there as far as I can remember. We were just fourteen-and-a-half months apart and did most everything together. She looked nothing like me –light […]

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dear miscarriage memphis moms blog

Dear Miscarriage

Dear Miscarriage, It was awful of you just to come into my life, take away my opportunity to be a Mom, and leave me completely empty. To steal the joy of my pregnancy. You’re ugly, and I hate you. You are a haunting loss that is practically invisible to those around me. You’re a cruel tease. Where’s the “What to […]

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dear oldest child memphis moms blog

Dear Oldest Child

Dear Oldest Child, You have two little sisters who are needy and hold my attention most hours of the day. You help take care of the others – fetching diapers, picking up toys and often fixing your own toast so I can make a bottle. At a whopping six years old, you are the one […]

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