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2 in 19 months kids Memphis Moms Blog Alissa Abercrombie

2 Kids in 19 Months – My Honest Feelings

2 Under 2 Baby Bunching Cluster Babies Irish Twins If your children are close in age (less than 2 years apart), I’m sure you have heard these terms before. With our first child, we struggled for almost 2 years to conceive.  With my second child, I was nursing my first and in shock that we […]

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Lessons Learned From My Mom

Lessons From Mom

There’s a lot in my mom’s life that I have questioned, naturally. From major life choices to basic funny but why‘s, I’ve been asking these questions since I could talk clearly. God bless Debbie for dealing with a child like this for for 32 years. Of course, this is partially her fault because she did raise me […]

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Accidentally Homeschooling Memphis Moms Blog Jeanie Whinghter

Accidentally Homeschooling

When I tell folks that I Homeschool my kiddos, I usually get one of two responses: Bless your heart, I could never do THAT. I’m thinking of doing that, but ALL. THESE. QUESTIONS… Trust me, Mama, I never thought I’d be Homeschooling. I thought it was something reserved for Certifiably-Crazy-Vigilante-Hyper-Organized-Save-the-World-We’re-Better-Than-You type people (TRANSLATION: NOT me). […]

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talks mom never had memphis moms blog

The Talks Mom Never Had With Me

My husband and I have 4 children, 3 sons and 1 beautiful, spunky and overprotected daughter. Our boys are fabulous, but I’ll like them more when they learn their urine belongs in the toilet and not on the seat, the floor, and their underwear. Growing up with 3 younger sisters, I never had to worry about boys. […]

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Stop Telling Me What I Should Never Say memphis moms blog

Stop Telling Me What I Should NEVER Say

I follow a lot of blogs. Like, a lot. To say I’m a blogaholic is an understatement. I mean, I love blogs and blogging so much that I started Memphis Moms Blog. I spend every waking hour working on Memphis Moms Blog, or perusing the internet reading other blogs in order to stay caught up […]

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my husband doesn't need a boy memphis moms blog

No, My Husband Doesn’t Need a Boy

There’s a question every mom or dad of two girls is asked at least once per week. Strangers, family, friends, doctors, co-workers, people you’ve just met, parents of friends, friends of parents, zoo workers, mail people, the little old lady at Target–you get the drift–they all seem to have one burning question. I was first […]

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ways we sucked as moms this week Memphis Moms Blog

15 Ways We’ve Sucked As Moms This Week

Today, we’re doing something that we feel is necessary. It’s necessary, and cathartic, really. Today, the Memphis Moms Blog team is going to confession. But not with a priest, nor in a church, and there won’t be any Hail Marys said. This is strictly a just-between-moms sort of confession. Why? Because we aren’t perfect. None […]

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its not my party cry if i want to birthday memphis moms blog

It’s Not My Party, But I’ll Cry If I Want To

I’m only 3 years into this birthday party planning game and I’m already exhausted. Before you start thinking, ‘oh poor her, she loves throwing birthday parties, wah…’ Let’s be clear: I’m not looking for sympathy because I know that it I have 100% done this to myself.  But I can’t help it, truly. TCB is my first and currently/possibly […]

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pregnancy 2

The Weird Pregnancy Stuff No One Tells You

You’ve heard them before. You’ve probably even said some of the super cliché phrases about pregnancy yourself: “It’s such a blessing!” “What a miracle!” These are common statements told to pregnant women. These people are talking about your baby—NOT your pregnancy. Because no person of sound mind and body can truthfully tell you that pregnancy is […]

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Top 5 Family Christmas Movies

I’m pretty strict on respecting the bird, but once Thanksgiving is over I’m ready to don the Christmas jammies and dance around the living room to some Jingle Bell Rock (as in this actually happens Thanksgiving night). I love everything about Christmas. I love the way the lights look, and watching my daughters run to […]

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