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Lori Parish Memphis Moms Blog introduction

Welcome! Lori Parish

Hi! As I sit here after bathing, reading to, and tucking in 4 little kiddos, folding mass amounts of laundry, packing lunches, checking homework, putting away previously mentioned laundry and doing ALL THE THINGS,  I’m finding it hard to write about myself. Which is actually quite humorous because I’m quite the talker. So here goes… […]

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Lindsay Bright owner founder Memphis Moms Blog family

Meet Our Owner and Founder!

If I’m being completely frank, I think my journey through life and motherhood could probably be summed up as a series of “I’ll never… ” statements, followed by me inevitably putting my foot in my mouth. Parenthood really has a way of making us into total liars, doesn’t it? I’ll never have kids… And then wouldn’t you know it? […]

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Karena Hardaway contributor Memphis Moms Blog

Meet Karena Hardaway!

  Hi! My name is Karena, and I was born and raised in Orange Mound, TN. Now, Orange Mound isn’t the prettiest or best of neighborhoods, but it’s where I’ve been all my life. I’m a single mommy of an amazing little lady who captures the heart s of everyone she meets. She’s kind and compassionate, intelligent, a ball […]

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Courtney Shelton contributor Memphis Moms Blog

Say ‘Hello’ to Courtney Shelton!

Hi there! My name is Courtney Shelton. I am a native Texan with a typical small-town upbringing outside of Austin. One of three kids to amazing parents who taught us to love God and everything He created (even the Longhorns) while enjoying life. I moved away to go to college and it was while living in College […]

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Lorrin Saliba contributor Memphis Moms Blog

Get to Know Lorrin Saliba!

Hi! I’m Lorrin and I have lived and worked in or near Memphis pretty much my whole life.  There was that 18 month stint in Little Rock that we don’t talk about but other than that, I’m a life-long Memphian. My family is here, we are here, we’ve considered moving if “the right job” came […]

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Untitled design (46)

Meet Contributor Caitlyn Maas

Hey, y’all, I’m Caitlyn Maas. I’m an Orthodox Christian, life-long 901’er, mom to William, Wife to Brandon, and author of Geraldine + Virginia. I’m a devotee of black coffee, addicted to stripes, unpaid professional binge watcher, and possess a unique ability to start but NEVER finish a crochet project. I’m an ESFJ who lives to […]

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jenny oldenburg memphis moms blog contributor

Say Hello to Jenny!

Hello! I’m Jenny. I’m a native Memphian and except for a short stint in the sticks of Mississippi I’ve lived in Memphis my entire life. Despite this, I have no idea where anything is and still get turned around every time I need to go to the airport. In my twenties I got a job […]

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erica baumer memphis moms blog contributor

Meet Erica Baumer

My name is Erica and I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I was not the type of little girl who dreamed about her wedding day and the wonderful children she would one day have. Instead, I was an interesting mixture of nerd and tomboy. Little did I know that would change in my […]

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Jeanie Whinghter Memphis Moms Blog contributor

Meet Jeanie Whinghter

Hi there! I’m Jeanie Whinghter (wing-tur). I’m a psychologist transplanted to Memphis, where my husband, Matt, and I have lived for ten years – the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere! I grew up moving around quite a bit, with North Carolina as what I most consider “home.” I met Matt in Clemson, South Carolina and […]

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laura boswell memphis moms blog

Meet Laura!

Hey!  I’m Laura, also known as LB, and I have lived just right outside of Memphis in Tipton County my entire life.  I am from the tiny of town of Brighton, TN.  Yes, we actually have quite a few traffic lights now (unlike when I was growing up).  My husband is from the same small […]

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misty smith memphis moms blog

Meet Misty Smith

Born on the Bayou Jambalaya and a crawfish pie file gumbo! I’m Misty and I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a creole baby, I love Cajun food, a good conversation on the back porch, and, of course, the LSU Tigers (Geaux Tigers, Geaux!). My husband, Aaron, and I are both LSU […]

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