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Grown Up Vacation...It's Time(1)

Grown Up Vacation – It’s Time

I can vividly remember sipping a fruity drink on my honeymoon and talking to my then-new husband about taking a special trip for our future 10th wedding anniversary. I had it all planned out – I told you I was a type-A planner! – we would travel back to Jamaica, stay at the same amazing resort, […]

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Losing My Identity Memphis Moms Blog

Losing My Identity

I was convinced that being a mom wouldn’t change me. When I got married, my friends told me that, once I was a wife, I would be different. Independent by nature, I was convinced that it wouldn’t be the case. And almost seven years in, I do believe that being married hasn’t changed me. I’m […]

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Holidays at Home

Holidays at Home :: Why We Host Christmas

Growing up my husband and I spent holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving very differently. For the most part my family never went anywhere for holidays. We didn’t really have any family close by, so it was usually just the four of us in our insular family unit. My mom and I would make the turkey […]

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