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To My Friends Without Kids

To my old friends without kids, Once upon a time, our friendships were easy. Just plain easy. Conversations flowed, we could get together whenever and wherever we wanted for however long. But things have changed. There are things I want you to know… To my new friends without kids, You, whom I met after I had children, you […]

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how not to communicate with daughter erica baumer memphis moms blog

How [Not] to Communicate with Your Daughter

We have all heard the cutesy names that mom-society has deemed fit for little kids with attitudes: terrible twos, threenager, fourmonal… Then children grow older and the names stop. An Instagram picture of an enraged child and #7YearOldMadAboutBeingGroundedFromtheiPad would not warrant the same reaction as a 3-year-old making the exact same same face with #threenager attached […]

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teethbrushing the struggle is real memphis moms blog lorrin saliba

Teeth Brushing :: The Struggle is Real

If I were a bettin’ woman, I would bet you that two of my three children will each cry or throw a tantrum no fewer than twice a day. Guaranteed. I’m talking full on, actual tear-producing, foot stomping, tantrum. Ones that, more times than not, will result in a punishment of some sort. Something like no Kindle time […]

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teaching children to give back volunteer random acts kindness memphis moms blog

Teaching Children to Give Back

Do small things with great love. -Mother Teresa- My son, Theo, is at the age where he is starting to become very aware of things in the world that surrounds him. As most three-year-olds do, he is often aware of what others have vs. what others do not have. Be it a fellow friend or […]

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Don't Travel with Kids, But if You Do traveling children memphis moms blog

Don’t Travel with Kids, But if You Do…

When it comes to traveling with kids, the first piece of advice I am giving you is simple: don’t. Anywhere. In a car, in a plane, on a bus… Just don’t do it. Stay home. Thanks for reading! But really… The reality is, you have to travel with kids or you will become a hermit […]

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St Patricks Day Memphis Moms Blog crafts kids

St. Patrick’s Day Fun With Kids

Oh St. Patrick’s Day….you either celebrate it or you don’t. My husband is almost 100% Irish, so in our family its a fun day to plan and celebrate! If you usually go all out or if you have never celebrated before, I am here with a list of ideas that you can use from sun […]

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