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When I'm Gone Please Know Lindsay Bright Ball Memphis Moms Blog

When I’m Gone, Please Know…

Dearest Family, When I’m gone and I’ve left you, don’t be afraid. Don’t cry. Please, don’t be sad. This is the time I’ve been preparing you for. This is why I’ve loved you: so that when I’m gone, you will think of me and smile, and know that I love you. I will always love you.  […]

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My Kids Have Rights, Too

Picture this: It’s a beautiful bright sunny day in August. It’s hotter than Hades out because we live in the mid-south. I’ve dragged my children into the car and out of it more than a few times. We’re all a bit sweaty and flustered. As we are leaving Target my oldest daughter, Evie, looks up […]

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Choose Kindness

“You can’t come to my birthday party…” I know every mom on the planet has heard this phrase in some form – whether your child was on the saying or receiving end. Kindness is an invaluable trait and as a mom, it is my job to raise kind children who encourage, help, serve and befriend […]

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sorry i'm not sorry memphis moms blog kristin funston

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry for these Mama Moments

Confession: I typically cannot stand the “sorry, not sorry” hashtags and status updates I see on social media with this pithy little status disclaimer. Honestly, it drives me nuts. Maybe I’m alone, but I think they tend to imply an arrogant attitude which I don’t feel social networks need anymore of. A lot of times it’s all in good fun, […]

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Confessions of a Retired Perfectionist Jeanie Whinghter Memphis Moms Blog

Confessions of a Retired Perfectionist

From the instant I found out I was pregnant, I devoted an embarrassingly huge chunk of time looking for how to do things “The Right Way.” I wanted to be the BESTEST-MOST-FUNNEST-AWESOME-MOM EVER. Quite frankly, I was terrified to mess up this parenting gig. I put so much pressure on myself to perfect Motherhood that I felt […]

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My Internet Friends Are Real

And they are amazing. In early November 2013 I nervously logged in to a popular parenting website, navigated my way to my birth month board and made my first post. I introduced myself, created a signature and hoped for the best. I did not expect to make sixty of my closest friends. It sounds a little […]

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ways we sucked as moms this week Memphis Moms Blog

15 Ways We’ve Sucked As Moms This Week

Today, we’re doing something that we feel is necessary. It’s necessary, and cathartic, really. Today, the Memphis Moms Blog team is going to confession. But not with a priest, nor in a church, and there won’t be any Hail Marys said. This is strictly a just-between-moms sort of confession. Why? Because we aren’t perfect. None […]

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its not my party cry if i want to birthday memphis moms blog

It’s Not My Party, But I’ll Cry If I Want To

I’m only 3 years into this birthday party planning game and I’m already exhausted. Before you start thinking, ‘oh poor her, she loves throwing birthday parties, wah…’ Let’s be clear: I’m not looking for sympathy because I know that it I have 100% done this to myself.  But I can’t help it, truly. TCB is my first and currently/possibly […]

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valentine's day parents mom dad memphis moms blog

Celebrating V-Day When You’re Mom & Dad

I’m not a romantic. If my husband wants to make me weak in my knees, he doesn’t give me roses. He unloads the dishwasher.  So when Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, I totally understand the inclination to roll your eyes and cite the many ways consumerism is capitalizing on our romantic notions or insecurities. […]

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Crock-Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Oh hey there! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood soup addict! I’m back with one of my most favorite recipes, chicken tortilla soup, and y’all, it’s made in the crock pot. #praisehands Recently, my mother-in-law and father-in-law came over to help us mount our TV in our hearth room. They brought McAllister’s, and while the rest […]

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Aldi (1)

Aldi: A Beginner’s Guide

**Memphis Moms Blog was in no way compensated for writing or researching this article–in fact, Sarah took all the photos while on a typical grocery run. We just love Aldi, and want to help other moms learn about how they can save tons of money by shopping there! It’s that time of year again, the […]

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