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parenting trick

10 Parenting Tricks That Actually Work

Parenting is hard. And anyone who tells you differently, is either lying or doesn’t have kids! Having 4 kids myself, including a set of twins, I’m always happy to share any tricks that I have learned along the way. Here are some of my favorites: Join a gym with childcare. It was a lifesaver after […]

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wellness wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays with Heather :: Why Wellness Doesn’t Work for Children

Heather earned her MS in Health Sciences at The University of Memphis, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and currently works at Hutchison School teaching wellness and training athletic teams.She loves Friday pizza & movie night with her husband and kids, the Smoky Mountains, and yoga. She hates body shaming. And she will be joining [...]
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Magic Kingdom

A First Timer’s Guide to Disney

I am a firm believer that every child should have a Disneyworld experience. So with our oldest daughter’s fifth birthday approaching, I knew it was time to book our trip to the “happiest place on Earth.” Having not been to Disney since eighth grade, with a husband who had never been himself, Disney as adults, […]

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