Passionate About the Memphis area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Community Group Relaunch + 3 New Groups!

Seems like we mamas are always reading blogs on the "Mom Tribe" and the importance of "finding your tribe", but sometimes, the whole idea of a "tribe" is a lot easier than actually finding this mysterious "tribe", isn't it?  Are you new in town? Are you the first of your friends to have a baby? [...]
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Memphis tired mom from breastfeeding

Real Talk :: Breastfeeding Sucks

Breastfeeding is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Hands down. It requires more discipline and sacrifice than the most restrictive diet or exercise regimen I’ve ever tried. Let me be straight with you, I haven’t actually ever been successful with any diet or exercise regimens. And, I haven’t really tried. My husband and I […]

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Mother and daughter in NICU

How to Help a New Special Needs Mama

I’ve been a special needs mama for five years now. As time goes on, I often think back to my first year of being a Mama. I think of all the things I wish people had said or done for me during that stressful first year. Here’s what I think every new Special Needs Mama needs […]

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Rosh Hashanah :: Happy New Year!

Good New Year! L’Shana Tovah! So many of my friends send me this message during this week, but many of them do not know what the Jewish New Year is all about. This is a quick dive into all the things that make the Jewish New Year so sweet! When it happens Rosh Hashanah means […]

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Gold Rings symbol of abuse survivor

The Gold Ring

Recently, I completed a difficult summer-long work assignment in California, where I served as a Teaching Counselor for middle and high school age girls.  I stepped in to fulfill the role after multiple people quit due to workplace difficulties. The experience was a rollercoaster ride, where I found myself working fourteen-hour days, laughing one minute […]

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