20 Hoppy DYI Easter Activities to do with Kids


Easter is only a few days away, and unfortunately all community Easter events have been canceled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of crafty, messy fun with your kids! So roll up those sleeves, get your iPhone ready to capture the cuteness, and enjoy being home with your kids this Easter. Here’s lots of DYI activities to try:


Egg Dying

There’s nothing like a good, old fashioned egg-dying party! No need for a kit either! Simply add food coloring to 1/2 cup boiling water and 1 Tablespoon of vinegar. You can create over 8 different color combinations using the chart on the back of the dye box. Don’t forget the white crayon trick, too!

Neighborhood Egg Hunt Printable

Join in our neighborhood egg hunt by clicking HERE. Download the egg printable, let your kids inner Picasso come out, and join in the fun! Don’t forget to display your egg in your front windows so all your neighbors can share in the fun. Make extra eggs for the elderly living in your neighborhood so they can participate in the hunt, too. 


Stained Glass Window Painting

Mark off sections of your windows using painter’s tape or masking tape. Create a “stained glass” look by sectioning off different geometric shapes. Using water colors or special window markers, color in the sections. After the paint has dried, peel away the tape. You’ll be left with a magnificent (and temporary!) window of colorful art. Absolutely stunning as the sun shines through!  

Easter Bunny Binoculars 

It’s hard to search for the Easter Bunny without the proper gear! Get two empty toilet paper rolls (got lots of that because #hoarding!) and glue them together. Use bits of construction paper, markers, or stickers to decorate the tubes. Use ribbon, pipe cleaners, or yarn to create the strap to go around their neck. Head to the backyard or go on a neighborhood walk and look for that elusive rabbit. Binoculars are also perfect to help locate the neighborhood Easter eggs on everyone’s windows!

Bunny Face

Draw a huge bunny face (or download and print one here). Glue cotton balls all over. Top with pink ear cutouts, nose, and eyes made out of construction paper. 

Easter Chick Fork Painting

All you need is a few plastic forks, some white printer paper, and patience. I mean, yellow paint. (pro mom tip: Crayola is the best because it actually washes out of clothing!) Dip the fork into the paint and work your way around the paper in a circle. Keep dipping and pressing the fork until the body of the chick is formed. Add googlie eyes and beak for extra mom points. Add feet with a sharpie. Remember to hide said sharpie after you’re finished or else there will be more drawings you’ll find, just not on the white printer paper. 

Easter Slime

Make slime, but dye it spring colors, like pink, blue or purple! Easy 3 ingredient slime recipe: 

2 (4 oz.) bottles washable school glue (pro mom tip: splurge on Elmer’s)
1 t baking soda 
2 to 3 T contact lens solution

Optional add-ins:
1 to 2 drops liquid food coloring
1/4 C glitter — unless you’re feeling really Easter-y. Then glitter is a must!

Pour the glue into a medium sized bowl. Stir in food coloring (remember, pastel Easter colors!). Add the baking soda and stir until smooth. Pour 2 Tablespoons of the contact lens solution and stir slowly. The mixture should begin to harden, becoming stringy. Continue mixing until a ball forms. Now, pick up the ball and knead by hand until smooth. If the slime is slimy, work in another 1/2 T of contact solution. Once mixed, you can play with the slime immediately. Store in air tight container.

Make a Bunny Habitat

Head outside to the backyard! Just like making a fairy house, have your kids make a place where baby bunnies might want to sleep at night! Scavenger hunt for flowers, twigs, grass, and even pretty stones. Gather is all up and have your kids make bunny boroughs. 


Do the Bunny Hop (Dance)

Did you know the Bunny Hop dance was created in San Francisco in 1952? It’s a “dance party” dance and we’re here for it. Similar to a conga line, participants hold on to the hips of the person in front of them. (Since we’re social distancing this Easter, be sure to only hop with your immediate family members.) Tap the floor with your right foot heal out, toe in, heal out, stomp (out, in, out, stomp). Switch feet and repeat sequence. Then right foot heal out, stomp in. Left foot heal out, stomp in. And finally 3 hops forward to complete the sequence. Repeat until song finishes. You can watch how to do this on YouTube. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide candy or trinket filled plastic eggs all over your yard! Grab a bucket, and go to town. Since we’re all doing this in our own yards this year, make it really hard for the kids and actually hide the eggs in clever places. For the older crew, put a “golden” ticket in one of the eggs to redeem for a special prize (or let’s be honest, extra screen time).

Chubby Bunny

Grab those ever-beloved marshmallow peeps and get ready to open up! How to play: put a marshmallow (peep) into your mouth and then say, “Chubby Bunny!” Keep adding marshmallows into your mouth and trying to say “Chubby Bunny!” The person who fits the most marshmallows into their mouth wins the challenge! {Disclaimer: this is definitely for the older kid crowd, since marshmallows could pose as a choking hazard!}

HOP Scotch

Grab that sidewalk chalk and hop to it! Play the traditional way by throwing a small rock into the first numbered square (1). HOP on one foot into the first empty square and then every subsequent empty square, skipping the one with your marker on it. At the pairs (4-5 and 7-8), jumps with both feet. At 10, hop with both feet, turn around, and head back to the start, picking up your marker on your way back. Work your way up the numbers. If you fall, jump outside the lines, or miss the marker, you lose your turn and must repeat the same number on your next turn. First one to get to 10, wins! 

Bunny Hunt 

This is as easy or as difficult as you make it! Similar to hide and seek, hide a “bunny” instead and search for it. Everyone takes a turn hiding it! 

Grow Jelly Bean Lollipops

Plant “special” jelly beans in the yard the night before Easter. While the kids are sleeping, go out and dig up the jelly beans and replace them with giant, rainbow lollipops! You can find the rainbow lollipops at Dollar Tree or Amazon. (pro mom tip: remember to mark where you planted the jelly beans AND remember to take the wrappers off the suckers!)

Bunny, Bunny, HOP!

Circle up your family and get ready to play an epic variation of Duck, Duck, Goose! When whoever is it taps the chosen person and yells, “HOP!” that’s what you gotta do! Soon everyone will be laughing as they each “hop to it” and chase each other around the circle. Get tagged? Sit in the “bunny borough” until released. Perfect for the toddler and Pre-K crowd. 

Egg and Spoon Race

Host an old fashioned spoon race! Bring the whole family together as they dash to the finish line without dropping the eggs. Use hard boiled or plastic eggs for safe fun. Take it up a notch with raw eggs for the older, tween-adult crowd!

Egged On

Grab an extra dozen eggs at the store for this hysterical, yet messy game! Watch in horror (or amusement) as each team member cracks eggs on their head in this “Russian roulette” style game. If you’re playing with a more sensitive crowd, then you might want to try the equally fun board game (which uses water!). 

Resurrection Rolls

If you haven’t done this with kids, it’s time! Super “magical,” Resurrection Rolls are a fun snack or treat (while also a great way to tell the Easter story for those that identify as Christian). All you need is:

16 large marshmallows
1/2 Cup butter, melted
1/4 Cup granulated sugar plus 2 Tablespoons cinnamon, mixed
2 (8 oz) cans crescent roll dough

Simply pop open those dough rolls and separate each roll along the perforations. Roll marshmallow in melted butter and then in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Place one coated marshmallow in the middle of each unrolled crescent dough segment. Roll the marshmallow until completely covered by dough (like a little ball). Place rolls on a baking pan and bake at 350 for about 12 minutes. Crack open and see how the marshmallow has melted and the rolls are empty!

No Bake Butterscotch Bird Nest Cookies

These are absolutely the easiest and funnest (yep, I said it) spring cookie to make. Only 4 ingredients needed: chow mien noodles, butterscotch chips, peanut butter, and mini Cadbury chocolate eggs. There’s no baking, just stove top melting and ooy goody goodness. Click here for directions!

Decorate Sugar Cookies!

Contributor Chloe Sexton owns local bakery, BluffCakes. You can order her cookie kit and it comes with everything that you need for decorating fun — voila! done! (Hey, you want to bake sugar cookies, go right ahead. But after crafting, bunny hopping, and egg dying, I have zero guilt over purchasing pre-made cookie kits!)




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