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Why I Will Never Go To Ikea Again

Picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day in March. You just bought your first home and are pregnant with your first baby. You’re ecstatic to get the ball moving on buying all the cutest accent pieces and minimalist baby furniture, because that’s all the rage right now. Where else to go but the BRAND NEW […]

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Adoption Chronicles :: Part 3

We are nine months into the adoption process. You’d think we would have a baby already, right? Well…. no. It doesn’t quite work that way. At least, not for us. In fact, it feels like we’re stuck in rush hour traffic, with every false start leaving us a bit more frustrated than before. The funny […]

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bipolar mental illness

Living with Mental Illness

Throughout most of my life, I can recall many instances of extreme ambition, creativity, and motivation. During these spells of elation, I am Wonder Woman. I can work a fifteen hour day, take time to play with the kids, and still clean the dishes at the end of the night. I can graduate college, while […]

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MMB potty mouths

Meet the Potty Mouths

At school drop off or while on a voyage to the grocery store, we may look like a picture-perfect, highly Instagram-able, well-kept crew. But hang out at the Potty Mouth House after hours and you’ll become privy to all of our dirty secrets. We fart (aka booty dance) and refuse to let one slip without […]

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Memphis Moms Blog Adoption

Adoption Chronicles :: Part 2

I can’t believe we’re actually trying to do this – We’ve started the process of adoption. Yes, a HUMAN.  Which, for the record, is a really long process.  It’s been a whirlwhind since my last blog, so I’ll back up and share the details.  After our initial info meeting and a TON of prayer, we decided to move […]

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Memphis Moms Blog love letters from mom lovey

Love Letters from Mom :: Lovey Love

Dear Lovey, It was 4 yrs ago, nearly to the day, and we were well into a never ending, psychosis inducing road trip that you, dear lovey, came into our lives. With nothing left to give, I was completely wiped of entertainment value and my overworked teat could not handle yet another side-of-the-road sooth session. […]

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