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Sugar, You’re Killing Me

My key word for 2020 is going to be “wellness.” The danger word is “donuts.” Or “cupcakes” or “cookies” or “chocolate croissants.” I’m definitely one of those people who has a new diet plan or health goal to obsess over every time a new year rolls around. But if you’re looking for perfection in the […]

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The Hand Turkey: A Rite of Passage

We all have had those moments—and I think they are different from person to person—where we finally “feel” like a mom. For some people, it’s the first time they bring their beautiful baby home. For some, it’s the oh-so-snuggly late-night breastfeeding sessions. And for others, it might be the first time they put their children’s […]

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Keto Must-Haves For Fall

In Memphis, it stays hot waaaaaayyyy too long into the fall. We Memphians often play tricks on ourselves until we are convinced it’s autumn, even though it’s 90-plus degrees outside. And because we are in the South, we solve this predicament just like we do any other problem we encounter—with food. Fall is full of […]

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An Open Letter To NICU Nurses

Dear NICU Nurses: I’m sure many of you are parents yourselves. I have no doubt that you remember the excitement, anxiety, or even fear you felt the first time you (or your partner) gave birth. I’m also sure that some of you have had children who had to stay for a bit in the NICU. […]

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Discipline Sucks: Confessions of a Pacifist

First thing’s first. I’m not completely a pacifist. I actually think violence can be justified in some circumstances, like self-defense or in defense of others. But when it comes to children, I am completely a pacifist. I don’t think striking a child is ever warranted. Ever. And, for me, even raising my voice to them […]

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I Miss You, John Hughes

Some friends visited us recently from out of town, and I was excited for them to come to our new house (well, new to us).  “I love your neighborhood!” my friend said as she got out of the car. And then her husband said, “It looks like Ferris Bueller is going to be running across […]

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