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parenting trick

10 Parenting Tricks That Actually Work

Parenting is hard. And anyone who tells you differently, is either lying or doesn’t have kids! Having 4 kids myself, including a set of twins, I’m always happy to share any tricks that I have learned along the way. Here are some of my favorites: Join a gym with childcare. It was a lifesaver after […]

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cherish the moments

You Don’t Have to Cherish the Moments

As a new mom, you hear a lot of cliches. As a mom of twins, I got a lot of, “Bless your hearts,” and the understated, but equally unhelpful, “Wow, your hands sure are full!” every time I left the house. The grocery store was my own personal hell. I would have one twin screaming […]

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MLM in inbox

Hey Girl, Get Your MLM Out of my Inbox!!

Whenever I get a Facebook message from someone I haven’t talked to in years I know one of two things is happening: someone is asking for medical advice or I’m getting “Hey Girl’d” from an acquaintance selling multi-level marketing (MLM) products. Please know that I have no problem with women trying to make a little […]

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sensory issues

Becoming a Mom Gave Me Sensory Issues

Okay, well maybe motherhood didn’t GIVE me sensory issues, but it certainly didn’t help with the issues I already had. Growing up, I always knew I was “overly annoyed” at certain sounds. It wasn’t all sounds that bothered me, mostly ones associated with eating and breathing; you know, just the sounds you need to make in […]

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athlete needs to hear from you

What Your Athlete Needs To Hear From You

It’s 7:30 on a Monday night, and we’ve just arrived at the baseball field. It is impressively hot, and I’m exhausted from working the night before and only catching a 3 hour nap. My twins run ahead of me while I carry a 35 lb toddler on my hip. We arrive at the dugout as […]

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speech delay

Speak up About a Speech Delay

My firstborn was a typical over-achiever. Walking by 10 months, full sentences by 2 years old, and reading well by age 5. I had my twins 5 weeks early, but they were healthy and never had any NICU time. Although I knew not to compare them to my first child, they did EVERYTHING late. They […]

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Memphis Moms Blog bleeding to death

Postpartum Bleeding Gone Wrong

On January 11th, 2017 I went in for a routine repeat C-section. We were having our fourth child, a baby boy that came to us via embryo adoption and we were so excited to meet him. The recovery was much more painful than my last, but we were able to be discharged on schedule so […]

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Memphis Moms Blog favorite parent

My Kids Have a Favorite Parent

You can eat organic foods during pregnancy, buy special earphones so the baby can listen to classical music in the womb, have a 2 day natural labor and unmedicated delivery, even have a lotus birth (you’ll probably have to google that one), and chances are that sweet baby that made you puke every day during pregnancy […]

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