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I’m trying real hard not to fall into the cycle of “New Year’s Resolution.” I just CAN NOT deal with the pressure. I see everyone on my Facebook feed committing themselves to some amazing pledges. They have joined accountability groups, enrolled in gym memberships, and have even taken pictures of their successful meal preps. People […]

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Christmas Spending

My wallet and I vow to do better every year, and most years we fail. Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving. But for me, it is a time of empty wallets and “unique budgeting.” You know the kind of budgeting I’m talking about…..robbing Peter to pay Paul. Yea, these aren’t my proudest […]

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Thanksgiving mood

Thanksgiving Mood

Thanksgiving is usually a time where people remember the things they are thankful for. It’s a time for families to get together over a grand meal and fellowship together. For some families, it’s about the deals and steals they can get on Black Friday. For other families, it’s a time to work off those Halloween […]

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No Cussing

Stranger Danger and Cussing Kids

Most mothers, and probably parents in general, would consider cussing in front of their children a bad habit.  The fear of children picking up the bad language causes some parents to curtail their use of profanity. But what if you purposefully taught your kid to cuss in order to save their life? I know you’re […]

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MMB library

What to Read? Navigating the Library Like a Pro

It’s summer time and my kids and I are ready to relax and enjoy some good books. Well, honestly, I’m ready to relax and enjoy some good books. They are ready to complete their 20 minutes of daily reading so that they can do other things, like play with Legos or Super Mario Smash Brothers.  […]

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Memphis Moms Blog Memphis handstand

Memphis is My Boyfriend!

I LOVE Memphis! Memphis is not only my hometown; Memphis is also my Boyfriend. Yep you read right. Memphis is my boyfriend, and we’ve been dating for a while. (Who knows, he might even put a ring on it!) Our relationship isn’t perfect. Memphis is very temperamental when it comes to the weather, and he […]

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Memphis Moms Blog mental health

Mental Health Days for Kids

It was at the end of the school day in which I noticed my kids were a little quiet. A little too quiet. When I asked the kids about their day, I was met with one-worded statements. I quick glance in the rearview mirror showed a dismal sight: the kids were tired; not just physically […]

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