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True Confessions of a Planner Addict

I have a confession: I am a planner addict. There, I said it. Confessing is the first step to …. well, I don’t want to change… Honestly, I have no idea how my life functioned without a planner. Or 6. To be fair, I didn’t always have 6 planners. At first, I just had a […]

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Memphis Moms Blog dear machine moms

Dear Machine Moms

Dear Machine Moms (and Dads), I'm talking to the helicopters, lawn mowers, landscapers, airplanes, ambulances, and all the other cute names we have for parents that are overly involved in their children's lives.... Please stop. As both a mother and a teacher, please trust that you can count on me to tell you the truth. [...]
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relaxing mom bath

Confession of a Mom from the Bathtub

Before I tell you about my attempt at a beautiful, hot, bubbly, calm, relaxing bath, let me remind you that I am married, have 4 dogs, 5 kids (17, 15, 7, 6, & 3), and they were all home. Well, that sounds like the end of the bath right there! But, I persisted! I even […]

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Rosh Hashanah :: Happy New Year!

Good New Year! L’Shana Tovah! So many of my friends send me this message during this week, but many of them do not know what the Jewish New Year is all about. This is a quick dive into all the things that make the Jewish New Year so sweet! When it happens Rosh Hashanah means […]

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5 kids

5 Things about 5 Kids

A little list about things I hear, and things I think about having 5 kids! Yes, they’re all mine.  You would not believe the number of times that my husband and/or I get this question when we are alone with all 5 kids in public. Heck, we get this question just being with the 3 younger kids, […]

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you can eat this on Whole30

The First 10 days of Trying Whole30

So, what is Whole30? Whole30 is a 30 day plan of being completely and totally sugar free. Seriously. Sugar free. Black coffee. NO SUGAR. It’s only whole foods. And usually described as some kind of gastro-reset. Other things not included on Whole30 include dairy, legumes, grains, and alcohol. Basically you’re allowed meat, veggies, fruit, and […]

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Welcome to our Seder!

Seder can mean two different things: either the Seder, the prayer service, or the meal after. Both are beautiful traditions: full of sounds, smells, and tastes, often not together at any other time, but they are actually both part of the whole. The Passover Meal is “the Seder.”  Since we don’t live in Israel, we […]

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What is this Holiday :: Passover?

And while we’re at it, why is it called that? These are great questions! Passover is the celebration of the Jews’ liberation from Egypt. Passover is celebrated on the 15th day of Nisan and lasts 7 or 8 days, depending on the practice in each home. The Hebrew word for the holiday is Pesach (pay-sock). […]

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Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hannukkah! Happy Channukkah! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Chanukka! Sameach Hanukkah! Whichever one you prefer, Happy Hanukkah to you and yours! The story of Hanukkah is that the Greeks were trying to desecrate the Temple to push out the Jews in Second Century BC. The Maccabees revolted and defended the region against the Greeks. When they […]

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