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forever marriage

Bringing My Marriage Back to Life

A little over a year ago, my husband and I came to a crossroad in our relationship. We had to make the choice to begin to put each other first before EVERYTHING or to continue to put everything else before our marriage. We didn’t really date or do anything fun that didn’t include our kids […]

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fill your kids with good

Fill your Kids with Good

Kids today can be so mean. It seems like every day I hear of another child being bullied or mistreated by their peers. Now, I’m not saying kids weren’t hateful when I was a kid, way back in the nineteen hundred and eighties; but man, it just seems so much worse these days. I don’t […]

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mom alone time

Leave the Mom Alone

I need y’all to understand something. I love my husband’s kids. I do. I mean, I’m their mom in that I birthed them, but sometimes they’re his. Like when they’ve spent the entire day picking at each other and then tattling to me. Or jumping around and shaking the house instead of doing schoolwork. None […]

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Memphis Moms Blog electronics free dining

Electronics-free Dining

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat down in a restaurant only to look around and find all the tables around you filled with people of all ages with some sort of device shoved into their face. OR, someone’s kid has the volume on their device turned up so loud you can hear it across […]

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Memphis Moms Blog friends talking

Two are Better Than One

Mental health is a hot topic right now. Advocates are working hard to remove the stigma of depression and anxiety. As a person who struggles with both, I consider myself an advocate. I’m a survivor. I hope to use my own story of darkness and pain to encourage others. But over the last couple of […]

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Depression; so depressing.

Today was rough. I mean dark dark dark. We came home from a trip and I felt it creeping in on Monday. Blew it off as “tired” from too much fun in the Texas heat — but Tuesday morning it was there still. Tuesday evening a friend said I seemed “on edge.” Just off. This […]

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