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Lessons My Children Have Taught Me


When we bring children into this world, our job is to teach, nurture, guide and love them. I’ve been at this job called motherhood for 17 years and I think that I have learned more from my children than I ever thought I would. But there are a few lessons that stand out.

Lesson 1.  I am stronger than I EVER thought I could be.  

I am a non-confrontational person.  I don’t seek drama. I don’t like to argue or fight, but as a mother you throw all of that to the side when it comes to your children.  When my children were younger they went through a “bad behavior” phase. I mean, a really bad phase. This is where they taught me to be strong. I learned to not only be a strong advocate for their needs but I also learned that no matter what was said or what people thought, it was about what was best for them. The strength that it took to go against my natural calmness was hard but it had to be done. We made it through those times and we are all stronger for it. I am stronger for it.

Lesson 2. I am a good mother

My sons taught me that no one can be their mother or love them like I can.  Yes I’m sure I’ve made mistakes, because I’m not perfect.  In the beginning I doubted my mothering skills.  Why can’t my children be “normal;” what did I do wrong?  Well, guess what? They were being normal and I didn’t do anything wrong.  They taught me that as long as I love them and do right by them that I am a good mother.  When I ask them where I fall on a scale from 1-10 I get a combined 9.  I think that is pretty good from teenage boys.

Lesson 3. My mother’s heart can be broken and it hurts like hell

Nothing and no one can break your heart like your child.  When you go the extra mile for your children, when you go without in order for them to have and they show no appreciation, it hurts.  When you teach them right from wrong and they still do wrong, it hurts.  When they throw your love back in your face, it hurts.  There is no hurt like the hurt a child can cause a mother. It takes a mothers love to move past it.

Lesson 4.  There is no greater love than that of a child

One of the best feelings in the world is when your child says “I love you” and they mean it.  I mean they really mean it. The feeling that I have when my children express their love and gratitude unconditionally is unmatched.  It makes everything that is wrong in the world right.  When that “I love you” comes with a hug… I can rule the world.

As my children continue to grow into young men I am confident that I have done everything that a mother can do to lay a solid foundation.  I know that they love and respect me.  I know that I am a good mother and that they have will continue to get the best that I have to give.  I am stronger because of them. And together we are stronger as a family.

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