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10 Parenting Tricks That Actually Work

Parenting is hard. And anyone who tells you differently, is either lying or doesn’t have kids! Having 4 kids myself, including a set of twins, I’m always happy to share any tricks that I have learned along the way. Here are some of my favorites: Join a gym with childcare. It was a lifesaver after […]

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selling chicken eggs entreprenuer

Nurture Your Child’s Inner Entreprenuer

It’s 2020, and now, more than ever, people can have any career or be anything they want to be. Gone are the days of only having run-of-the-mill, corporate, 9-5 jobs. The days of working outside the proverbial box (cubicle?) are here with flexible hours, remote, self-driven, and entrepreneur opportunities. Who knows what the work world […]

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fill your kids with good

Fill your Kids with Good

Kids today can be so mean. It seems like every day I hear of another child being bullied or mistreated by their peers. Now, I’m not saying kids weren’t hateful when I was a kid, way back in the nineteen hundred and eighties; but man, it just seems so much worse these days. I don’t […]

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Memphis Moms Blog neighborhood

I Miss You, John Hughes

Some friends visited us recently from out of town, and I was excited for them to come to our new house (well, new to us).  “I love your neighborhood!” my friend said as she got out of the car. And then her husband said, “It looks like Ferris Bueller is going to be running across […]

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middle school

A Letter to My Daughter’s Middle School Teachers

Dear Teacher(s), Thank you for loving my child so well. Middle school can be tough. Physical changes collide with hormonal and internal changes. Attitudes erupt like a volcano and subside just as quickly as the tide. It’s confusing. It’s confusing to her, and it’s confusing to me.  But you, sweet and confident middle school teacher, […]

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Kindergarten Survival Tips for Moms

This week I dropped off my big girl at school for her first day of first grade. What a difference a year makes. Sure, it was a bit chaotic, as first days tend to be, but gone was the anxiety (mostly mine) that accompanied the start of kindergarten. I know that we only have one […]

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