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boys can do anything

Boys Can Do Anything Girls Can Do

I remember my Mom always speaking over me that I can do anything a boy can do. She never pushed me to be ultra girly. She actually she encouraged me to get down and dirty with the boys; this could be due to the fac that I grew up with mostly boy cousins. Whatever her […]

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Memphis Moms Blog golf mom

Four! No, 10 Reasons I Want To Be a Golf Mom

Just like many mommas out there, I spend a lot of time daydreaming (or middle-of-the-night-bottle-feeding-dreaming) about the lives my children are going to have. With two baby boys, I’ve admittedly weighed the pros and cons of every sport I can think of, wondering which “field” they will be attracted to. Please know, however, that I […]

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Memphis Moms Blog elementary sports mom

Reflections of an Elementary Sports Mom

It was an ordinary Tuesday evening at an elementary football game.  Ordinary, for anyone but me.  I looked up from helping my 4 year old with her Happy Meal, for just a minute,  and there my son was, standing in center field for the coin toss and official introductions.   Then,  a mere 6 minutes later, […]

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Gold Rings symbol of abuse survivor

The Gold Ring

Recently, I completed a difficult summer-long work assignment in California, where I served as a Teaching Counselor for middle and high school age girls.  I stepped in to fulfill the role after multiple people quit due to workplace difficulties. The experience was a rollercoaster ride, where I found myself working fourteen-hour days, laughing one minute […]

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