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Tree of Life

If you’re a mom on Facebook, you have probably seen by now at least one of those gorgeous Tree of Life “brelfies.” The breastfeeding selfies use the PicsArt app to depict breastfeeding as a system of roots, branching into a tree in their baby’s mouth. Traditional “brelfies” are used as a way to normalize breastfeeding […]

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Fed is Best

What’s the first emotion that comes to mind when you think about breastfeeding? Joy? Pain? Anxiety? Inadequacy? Nostalgia? Breastfeeding can conjure so many emotions, especially when you’re postpartum, hormonal, and sleep deprived. I would venture to guess that many breastfeeding mothers have felt a wide array of those emotions, likely all at once. After my […]

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Bringing Home the Bacon {and the Milk!}

We always hear about how natural breastfeeding is, but what we don’t always hear is that for everyone, it doesn’t come quite so naturally.  For me, breastfeeding was a lot like my new found role of motherhood overall.  It was really tough at first.  It took a lot of time to transition and get used to my new schedule […]

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