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Solo Parenting

Single parents don’t get the credit–or the help–they deserve. This thought crosses my mind each time I am faced with another round of solo parenting. Let me be clear: solo parenting is not the same as single parenting. I am extremely fortunate to have a very committed and helpful partner who is not only a […]

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Memphis Moms Blog Father's Day present

Chuck the Cologne :: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So does your go-to Father’s Day idea list contain preserved dried meats, razors, and books? While presents of any kind are inherently thoughtful and should be accepted with grace, these are all things he can pick up on any given Tuesday from the gas station. Here are a few cool ideas for the dad/father-figure in […]

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My husband doesn’t “babysit” ; HE PARENTS

Me: I’m so excited! I’m heading to [insert city] for the weekend for a conference and #girlsweekend! Grand-mom: “Oh? Is your husband babysitting while you’re gone?” Me:   Typically at this point in the conversation, I don’t actually tell the person “no, my husband is parenting our children” but I’m thinking it in my mind. And while I realize […]

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My Kids Have a Favorite Parent

You can eat organic foods during pregnancy, buy special earphones so the baby can listen to classical music in the womb, have a 2 day natural labor and unmedicated delivery, even have a lotus birth (you’ll probably have to google that one), and chances are that sweet baby that made you puke every day during pregnancy […]

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