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Kids in the Kitchen :: Popsicles!

Who doesn’t love popsicles? They have, in a sense, replaced cupcakes and macarons as the trendy treat of the moment. They are available in endless varieties and are pleasing to all palates. And they can be made easily at home by you and your children!               I have fond memories, as a child, of making […]

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gettin fizzy with it diy bath bomb erica baumer memphis moms blog

Gettin’ Fizzy With It :: Easy & Cheap DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

You know when you ride on a plane and the flight attendants go through the emergency plan information? Most people are tuning them out, getting their last few minutes of precious phone time before takeoff, or trying to cram their giant carry-on into the overhead bin that is already busting at the seams. While seats that double as flotation […]

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Easter Basket Ideas Memphis Moms Blog

Stuffed: {non-candy} Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is around the corner – has the bunny been taking care of his shopping? Whether your plans include going to church, hunting for eggs, stuffing your face with delicious food while surrounded with family and friends, dyeing your hands/table/eggs, or sticking your adorable infant into a giant rabbit’s lap for pictures, odds are your […]

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St Patricks Day Memphis Moms Blog crafts kids

St. Patrick’s Day Fun With Kids

Oh St. Patrick’s Day….you either celebrate it or you don’t. My husband is almost 100% Irish, so in our family its a fun day to plan and celebrate! If you usually go all out or if you have never celebrated before, I am here with a list of ideas that you can use from sun […]

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creating a more organized home 2

Creating A More Organized Home

Disclaimer: I’m the last person that should be writing about organization. In fact, when I told my husband about this topic, he straight up laughed in my face. “Well, it will be a learning experience for everyone, then,” he said. Now, I don’t claim to be the most organized person. As a child, I was […]

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DIY Teacher Gift

Show Your Teachers the Love

Teachers are special people. Working in education, I see firsthand the love and care that each teacher pours into their classroom. Now as a mom, I’m experiencing the magic of a good teacher from a different angle. Even though Ruthie is only 11 months, she’s in the nursery at school and so she’s got two […]

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