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baby in pediatrician office

Sometimes I Lie to My Pediatrician

Today my son had his 6 month check-up and I didn’t tell the pediatrician the truth. Without even thinking about it, the answer I knew he wanted shot out of my mouth.  Now, before we all go jumping to conclusions here, let me explain; in a world full of opinions and suggestions, sometimes I just […]

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accepting who I am now

Reflecting and Accepting

We’re well into the new year now, but as I reflect on 2019 and continue to plan for 2020, I realize something: it may have taken 35 years, but it’s finally happened…I’m accepting of myself. I can run to the store in yoga pants and make-up free, wear a Harry Potter themed dress to a […]

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I’m trying real hard not to fall into the cycle of “New Year’s Resolution.” I just CAN NOT deal with the pressure. I see everyone on my Facebook feed committing themselves to some amazing pledges. They have joined accountability groups, enrolled in gym memberships, and have even taken pictures of their successful meal preps. People […]

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memphis moms blog dance

A Flip in Priorities :: From Janet Jackson’s Choreographer to PTA President

I became a mom, and then it happened. I abandoned pretty much all of my dreams, and I’m okay with that. I no longer need a successful screenwriting career; I just want my children to sleep through the night, every night for a week straight. I no longer need to be a high-powered executive; I […]

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