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Daddy and Dad

“Old as she was, she still missed her Daddy sometimes.” -Gloria Naylor I have missed my Daddy for twenty-eight years now. It’s pretty rare that a moment in my own life goes by that I don’t think about what life would be like if he were still here. I can still see him, feel his […]

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I love you anyway memphis moms blog lorrin saliba fathers day

Dear Dad, I Loved You Anyway.

It was just your run-of-the-mill standard Monday morning. I had actually taken off work to take care of some birthday preparations for my “middle” and to get some housework done. November 17, 2014 around 9:45am, my cell phone rings. It’s a long distance number, but familiar. “Lori?” “Yes” “It’s me, Tammy. I’m calling about CW. […]

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2 in 19 months kids Memphis Moms Blog Alissa Abercrombie

2 Kids in 19 Months – My Honest Feelings

2 Under 2 Baby Bunching Cluster Babies Irish Twins If your children are close in age (less than 2 years apart), I’m sure you have heard these terms before. With our first child, we struggled for almost 2 years to conceive.  With my second child, I was nursing my first and in shock that we […]

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Brock Turner Dan Turner Stanford Rape Case Memphis Moms Blog Lindsay Bright

I Refuse to be Dan Turner

At Memphis Moms Blog, we love highlighting the joys and struggles of motherhood. It is our goal to not “stir the pot” or create controversy, and because of that, we oftentimes do not approach subjects that we find controversial or that might offend our readers. However, some topics just can’t be ignored. Something happened recently […]

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Mom Needs Help Ashley Parker Memphis Moms Blog

Mom Needs Help

In July 2012, our daughter was diagnosed with stage IV (metastatic) Wilms Tumor. What we thought was a 24 hour stomach bug was actually cancer. Our beautiful, free-spirited daughter had cancer and it was spreading rapidly throughout her body. While I would love to share her whole journey, I think it would take a few […]

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I Rock My Babies to Sleep Courtney Shelton Memphis Moms Blog

I Rock My Babies to Sleep

Bedtime at our house goes a little something like this: 7:25 – Start giving the warning call that bedtime is imminent 7:30 – Everyone gets into PJs 7:35 – Make milk cups for youngest two and issue any medications currently needed 7:40 – Turn lights and TV off and everyone gives each other good-night hugs/kisses […]

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