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mother daughter relationship

Losing my Mother and Best Friend

Mother daughter relationships are the rockiest kind of relationship you could ever be in. There is a .2 second rebound rate when going from getting cussed out in the passenger seat of the car for changing the radio station to singing along to “this ish is bananas, b.a.n.a.n.a.s” and that it is, my friend! My […]

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Memphis Moms Blog wyndy

Uber for Babysitters :: YES PLEASE!

Thank you to Wyndy for partnering with Memphis Moms Blog and serving our community! All opinions are 100% my own.Memphis moms, there’s a new app that’s a must if you’re ever in need of a babysitter. Wyndy will change your life forever! You can download to any Apple or Android device to find college student sitters […]

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Memphis Moms Blog running girl

Words for my Growing Girl

My husband takes our daughter to preschool. Before I leave the house every morning, I kneel down to look into her bright blue eyes and say, “Be nice, be strong, be brave, and have fun.” Recently, she has started saying it on her own when I ask her, “What are you going to do today?” […]

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Memphis Moms Blog roller skates

Lessons Learned at the Roller Rink

My first-born recently started kindergarten. Her school does what is called a “staggered start,” meaning that she only attended one day of the first week. That also meant that she got to have one day with just Mom (and Grandma, who was visiting from out of town) while Little Sister was in preschool. I wanted […]

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Memphis Moms Blog elementary sports mom

Reflections of an Elementary Sports Mom

It was an ordinary Tuesday evening at an elementary football game.  Ordinary, for anyone but me.  I looked up from helping my 4 year old with her Happy Meal, for just a minute,  and there my son was, standing in center field for the coin toss and official introductions.   Then,  a mere 6 minutes later, […]

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Reflection in mirror of teenage girl

Precocious Puberty

My eight-year-old daughter is trapped in an eleven-year old’s body; no joke. My daughter moved in with us when she was four years old when we were still in the pre-adoptive stage. I noticed she had a bottle of deodorant. I didn’t think she was old enough for that yet, so I put it up in […]

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