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Bringing My Marriage Back to Life

A little over a year ago, my husband and I came to a crossroad in our relationship. We had to make the choice to begin to put each other first before EVERYTHING or to continue to put everything else before our marriage. We didn’t really date or do anything fun that didn’t include our kids […]

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in the hospital after cancer surgery

Cancer Tried to Take my Husband

Sometimes things happen in my life, and I look back and think, “Did that really happen? Did I imagine that?” Most of the events of 2018 live in that sort of hazy, yet fully realized part of my memories. It started with me waking up from five years of depression that nearly killed me and […]

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Memphis Moms Blog love don't cost a thing

Love Don’t Cost a Thing

I’m a pretty low maintenance spouse. Ask my husband. I don’t ask for a lot, because we’ve never had a ton of extra money to do elaborate presents. We were poor thrifty when we were dating, and we’ve gotten used to spending what we have on the kids or on trips (translation: not on each […]

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Depression; so depressing.

Today was rough. I mean dark dark dark. We came home from a trip and I felt it creeping in on Monday. Blew it off as “tired” from too much fun in the Texas heat — but Tuesday morning it was there still. Tuesday evening a friend said I seemed “on edge.” Just off. This […]

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