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cherish the moments

You Don’t Have to Cherish the Moments

As a new mom, you hear a lot of cliches. As a mom of twins, I got a lot of, “Bless your hearts,” and the understated, but equally unhelpful, “Wow, your hands sure are full!” every time I left the house. The grocery store was my own personal hell. I would have one twin screaming […]

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Thanksgiving mood

Thanksgiving Mood

Thanksgiving is usually a time where people remember the things they are thankful for. It’s a time for families to get together over a grand meal and fellowship together. For some families, it’s about the deals and steals they can get on Black Friday. For other families, it’s a time to work off those Halloween […]

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Image by Mallory Muse

Five Ways Harry Potter Has Made Me a Better Mom

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am slightly obsessed with the Harry Potter series. Obsessed? Well, I started rereading the series annually when I was on bedrest after fetal surgery with my daughter, I visited the Wizarding World of HP for my 30th birthday, I have an Azkavan (Ha! Mom pun!) sticker on my […]

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Memphis Moms Blog mom daughter

Motherhood Has Granted Me Grace That I Now Pass On To You

Motherhood has changed me. I challenge you to show me a mother who wouldn’t readily agree with that statement. Some days, it feels like all of my cells have been rearranged…it’s like my molecular makeup got a little jiggy-jog when I birthed my two babies. I feel different. Simple as that. I’ve only been a […]

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mom alone time

Leave the Mom Alone

I need y’all to understand something. I love my husband’s kids. I do. I mean, I’m their mom in that I birthed them, but sometimes they’re his. Like when they’ve spent the entire day picking at each other and then tattling to me. Or jumping around and shaking the house instead of doing schoolwork. None […]

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loving myself with a nose piercing

A Nose Ring, A Bikini, and 37… Oh My!

Yep! For my 37th birthday, I got my nose pierced. And it was not some subconscious way to reconnect with my youth. And I was not having a mid life crisis; it’s still a little too early for that. People are living way longer than 74! For me, it became about making a very outward […]

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MMB facebook internet

I asked Internet Strangers for Parenting Advice

And it almost backfired.  Half experiment, half parenting desperation, I turned to one of those giant national groups on Facebook where the most you have in common with the other members is that you’re all moms. My {just turned} six-year-old has been hitting his barely two-and-a-half year old sister lately. And the other evening he […]

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