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I Didn’t Know My Own Baby

I know my two daughters better than anyone…even themselves. I know that my oldest is a typical first-born who likes to make the rules and gets upset when things don’t go precisely her way. I know that my youngest is more impulsive and “strong-willed”…and admittedly a bit of a bruiser. I know that my oldest […]

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What I Forgot about Being Pregnant

As I am firmly entrenched in the third trimester of my third pregnancy, I can’t help but reflect on my experiences this go-around. However, since it has been three years since the last time I was pregnant (there has to be something symbolic about all these threes!), and I have been realizing that there are […]

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Discipline Sucks: Confessions of a Pacifist

First thing’s first. I’m not completely a pacifist. I actually think violence can be justified in some circumstances, like self-defense or in defense of others. But when it comes to children, I am completely a pacifist. I don’t think striking a child is ever warranted. Ever. And, for me, even raising my voice to them […]

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Before and After

Before and After. We know the concept all too well. As in “I was _____ [insert negative adjective], but now I’m _____ [insert awesome adjective]!” With photo documentation of how bad Before was and how amazing After is, of course. The Before and After of becoming a Mom is not so cut and dry. I wasn’t […]

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