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Why I Will Never Go To Ikea Again

Picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day in March. You just bought your first home and are pregnant with your first baby. You’re ecstatic to get the ball moving on buying all the cutest accent pieces and minimalist baby furniture, because that’s all the rage right now. Where else to go but the BRAND NEW […]

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I Didn’t Know My Own Baby

I know my two daughters better than anyone…even themselves. I know that my oldest is a typical first-born who likes to make the rules and gets upset when things don’t go precisely her way. I know that my youngest is more impulsive and “strong-willed”…and admittedly a bit of a bruiser. I know that my oldest […]

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What I Forgot about Being Pregnant

As I am firmly entrenched in the third trimester of my third pregnancy, I can’t help but reflect on my experiences this go-around. However, since it has been three years since the last time I was pregnant (there has to be something symbolic about all these threes!), and I have been realizing that there are […]

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Postpartum Bleeding Gone Wrong

On January 11th, 2017 I went in for a routine repeat C-section. We were having our fourth child, a baby boy that came to us via embryo adoption and we were so excited to meet him. The recovery was much more painful than my last, but we were able to be discharged on schedule so […]

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Waiting To Stand

I can remember it like yesterday. Sitting in church on Mother’s Day as all the other mommies stood while the church clapped for them in acknowledgment of their motherhood. Sitting. For three years I sat. I know women who sat for much longer than that; but for me, three years was an eternity. It had […]

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