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Hanging with Heores

Hanging With Heroes :: Event Announcement

The Memphis Moms Blog is excited to announce our 2nd annual Hanging With Heroes! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2019 11:00am – 1:00pm Harding Academy 1100 Cherry Road  |   East Memphis   Hanging With Heroes is a unique event geared towards the entire family! Come mingle and hang out with Super-hero characters side by side with real community heroes!  Our venue […]

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DS different child

“What’s wrong with her?” My Daughter’s First Experience with Being Different

My daughter is growing up right before my eyes. She’s becoming more independent despite her physical limitations. She was born with Down syndrome and has physical and developmental delays. She’s nonverbal, hard of hearing, and has decreased motor skills for a child her age. But as “different” as she is, I try to keep her […]

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speech delay

Speak up About a Speech Delay

My firstborn was a typical over-achiever. Walking by 10 months, full sentences by 2 years old, and reading well by age 5. I had my twins 5 weeks early, but they were healthy and never had any NICU time. Although I knew not to compare them to my first child, they did EVERYTHING late. They […]

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Memphis Moms Blog private school

Private School is for Suckers

Growing up, my husband and I were both “public school kids.” My adolescent scholastic surroundings were a surplus of public schools (10) within a 20 mile radius, all containing some degree of Blue Ribbon, International Baccalaureate, AP, insert buzz word that denotes the utmost academic pedigree. In turn, it was a no-brainer for my parents […]

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Memphis Moms Blog c-section

So Your Baby Is Coming Out The Trap Door :: Preparing For a C-Section

April is International Cesarean Awareness Month. As someone who has had two cesareans, or “c-sections,” this is a subject close to my heart. My girls were both born in an operating room, emerging from my body swiftly thanks to skillful doctors and nurses. With my first daughter, her due date came and went; after a […]

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Memphis Moms Blog electronics free dining

Electronics-free Dining

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat down in a restaurant only to look around and find all the tables around you filled with people of all ages with some sort of device shoved into their face. OR, someone’s kid has the volume on their device turned up so loud you can hear it across […]

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Memphis Moms Blog ten toddler snacks

Ten Toddler Snacks

Toddlers seem to snack more than they eat actual meals. The challenge lies, therein, on feeding the nutrients needed during meal time to a small human who wants to eat every-single moment of the day that is not meal time. This is something I think about when shopping for my own children, counseling patients, and late […]

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Memphis Moms Blog the mart king

The Mart King

Driving my 3yr old to school the other morning, milliseconds back from winter vacation, she yelled, “Mom, when is my next school break?” Girl, you are 3! What type of break could you possibly need? I’ve never come across a stressed out “Line Leader” or perused the self-help isle of the book store for  “The […]

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