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Photographer: Jarvis Hughes

The Lost Village

You send out the baby announcements and everyone rings with joy. You receive endless congratulations and suffocating support. Everyone talks of what experiences they want to share with the newest addition, and you finally begin to accept that you aren’t in this alone. And then the village disappears. Where did they go? My husband and […]

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I am Memphis and Memphis is Me

I was born in Westwood. In my elementary years, we lived in Whitehaven. My teenage years were in Parkway Village. Growing up, on the weekends I was either in Frayser, North Memphis, or South Memphis. I purchased my first apartment in East Memphis  before finally settling permanently in Berclair. I’ve been all over this city, […]

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Finding My Village

My husband and I moved to Memphis for his job without knowing anyone here. In the beginning, when it was just the two of us, we were fine being by ourselves. We worked long hours at very demanding jobs, went on dates on Fridays, and worked around the house on the weekends. We really didn’t […]

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Memphis Moms Blog unexpectedly expecting

Unexpectedly Expecting

Deep down, even when I was closing my eyes to avoid looking at the outcome, I knew. I knew with every fiber in my being what it was going to say... Birth order. photo by kmphotography 1 hour previously: There I was. Standing in the CVS aisle at 9pm looking at pregnancy tests. I honestly [...]
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