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Finding My Village

My husband and I moved to Memphis for his job without knowing anyone here. In the beginning, when it was just the two of us, we were fine being by ourselves. We worked long hours at very demanding jobs, went on dates on Fridays, and worked around the house on the weekends. We really didn’t […]

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back to school

I Love the School Year (and so do my kids)!

Don’t get me wrong, I like summer vacation. But we thrive on routine. It’s back to school, and this year I have four kids attending the same school! (All the praise hands). I currently have a kindergartner, third, fourth, and fifth grader — and they all love school. Just like me, they like knowing exactly how the […]

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middle school

A Letter to My Daughter’s Middle School Teachers

Dear Teacher(s), Thank you for loving my child so well. Middle school can be tough. Physical changes collide with hormonal and internal changes. Attitudes erupt like a volcano and subside just as quickly as the tide. It’s confusing. It’s confusing to her, and it’s confusing to me.  But you, sweet and confident middle school teacher, […]

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Kindergarten Survival Tips for Moms

This week I dropped off my big girl at school for her first day of first grade. What a difference a year makes. Sure, it was a bit chaotic, as first days tend to be, but gone was the anxiety (mostly mine) that accompanied the start of kindergarten. I know that we only have one […]

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combatting bullying throuogh community

Combatting Bullying in a School Setting

Whether you find out that your child is the target of a bully, or, alarmingly, the one bullying their classmates, “bullying” is one of those visceral terms that can leave parents at a loss. Sadly, sometimes the hardest group in which to re-enforce empathy is a school community, with episodes of bullying usually peaking in late […]

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