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artifact bags for lunches

Thinking Outside the {Lunch}Box

School has officially begun. And that means packing lunches has also started up again. *sigh* Every. Day. All. Year. *double sigh* I have a lot of  kiddos. Which means I pack approximately 700 lunches a year. *triple sigh* I remember the first time I packed a lunch for my oldest daughter. She was off to […]

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birthday party budget

I gave my daughter a budget for her birthday

Humblebrag: This year, I rocked my daughter’s birthday. I got her the best present ever, and I’m fairly certain that I deserve a prize for this stroke of genius gift giving. What did I get her, you ask?  A dollhouse? A huge party? A gift card to a trendy store? Nope. I got her …(drumroll […]

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fly with kids

Tips for Flying with your Family

I’ll go ahead and put it out there, I do not like road trips. I’m not sure what exactly I don’t like: maybe it’s because I am more of a destination than a journey person. But I am working on it, as life is one long journey, right? With that being said, flying is my […]

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mom in background criticizes herself

Just Take the Compliment

On a recent trip to the Midwest to visit family, we took a slight detour to a state park to stretch our legs and explore a new place. Platte River State Park in southeast Nebraska has a sweet little waterfall a short hike from the parking area, which provided us the perfect diversion to break […]

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