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Pictures with Santa

I lived in Little Rock for six years. My husband and I had our first child the first August that we were there (I don’t recommend moving in June when you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy). A few months later, we did what every parent of a newborn did and took him to the mall for photos with Santa. It was…fine. Santa was nice, the line was manageable, the picture quality was fine considering it was printed on a machine while we waited, and the atmosphere left much to be desired. But our son was a newborn so I wasn’t asking for much. After living in Little Rock for a few years, one of our son’s therapists began offering professional photos with Santa. This Santa was AMAZING (he worked with special needs children like my son for his day job), we reserved a time to go so there was no line, and instead of printed-on-site photos, we were emailed professionally edited photos that we could what we wanted with (hello Christmas cards!). Our experience was so great that we went back last year, even though we were back here living in Memphis; the trek was worth it! My middle son has never known another Santa, who by the way, remembers my family every year and always comments on how big the kids are getting (and the fact that last year we had added a third). It’s just been a really amazing experience. 

The first two years were mall Santas, before we met THE Santa.

My middle son is convinced that this Santa is the real deal; it’s the only one he’s ever known! 

Another advantage to having pictures taken in the form of a mini session, is that we have had the time to really get to know and interact with Santa. One year, in addition to telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas, my son brought a book for Santa to read to him. It was the cutest!

Another year, my children both decided that they were terrified. Instead of a wasted trip to the mall, the photographer reached into her bag of tricks and blew bubbles at my boys until they were both laughing She totally saved the day!

What would’ve surely been a classic screaming pic with Santa at the mall, was instead, this little gem of a photo:

As I recently shared this experience with (co-owners) Lori and Erika, it was like a lightbulb went off for all three of us simultaneously. We unanimously agreed that we wanted to make this same type of experience available to our fellow moms and their families here in Memphis. So that’s exactly what we’re doing!  We at Memphis Moms Blog have found THE Santa (just look at those pics below. There’s no denying, the guy is legit!)  As well as two fabulous Memphis photographers. We would like to invite you to start your own tradition of unrushed pictures with Santa this year.   There are two Saturday sessions available this month. There are limited spots available, so sign up quickly!


The November 11th session will be downtown on Main Street and the November 18th session will be at the Collierville Town Square.  Both will go from 8am-11am.  When you click on the link to sign up, just choose an available timeslot.  Hope to see you there! 

November 11:

November 18:




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  1. Heather November 5, 2017 at 2:57 PM #

    Which specific photographers? Just wanting links since I can’t make it to Santa mini’s.