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The Perfect Summer Shoe {Mox Shoes : the New “Jellies”}

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mox Shoes, however the opinions and experiences expressed in it are 100% truthful and mine!

I am currently pregnant. I’m only 17 weeks along, but I look and feel as though I’m about 30 weeks pregnant. By the time this baby comes in November, our son will be just shy of 6 years old–juuust long enough for me to have forgotten all the unpleasantries that come with the third trimester and postpartum life.

Well, almost all. There is one terrible side effect of pregnancy that still haunts me. It’s in all my photos from my first pregnancy, and is still the subject of many jokes in my family…

Big feet.

I naturally have small and wide feet. I’ve spent the better part of my life struggling to find pretty shoes that fit my oddly-proportioned feet; fashionable footwear is just not something you can find easily when you have feet like mine. Add to that the ever-widening and swollen feet of pregnancy, and you’ve got a big disaster. Six years ago my solution was an extremely ugly pair of foam shoes. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones that resemble holey clown shoes. Well, to add insult to injury, the only ones I could find in my size at the time were in a camo pattern. Yes. I had camo patterned foam clown shoes. And I had to wear them every. Single. Day. They are in every. Single. Photo from when I was pregnant with my son.

I swore to myself that these atrocities would not make a comeback.

Because the majority of my pregnancy will be occurring in the summer again (because that’s how lucky I am), and because I’m already huge, my feet are having a hard time fitting in my regular shoes. Determined not to relapse to my horrendous camo foam shoes, I decided to listen to the hype circling City Moms Blog Network surrounding a new [and adult] version of the “jellies” we all loved as children: Mox Shoes.

I drank the Mox Koolaid, y’all.

These. Shoes. Are. Amazing. Not only are they super comfortable, but they can be dressed up or down, and they’re so cute! They aren’t the hard plastic that causes blisters that I remember jellies being when I was a kid–these shoes are soft and pliable, and require exactly zero time to “break in.” They’re breathable ballet flats.

So many colors you can dress up or down!

I own two colors of Mox Shoes: grape and latte. I love adding a pop of color to my outfits with the bold purple of the grape pair, and I also feel like you just can’t go wrong with the neutral tone of the latte pair! Truth be told, I fully plan on purchasing at least one more pair of Mox Shoes. I just have to decide on a color!

My uniform has become a long tank and shorts. A super easy addition and great pop of color are my grape Mox! It’s a great casual look, and even though it takes approximately 2.5 seconds to throw on and exactly zero thought, I always get compliments.

I have declared this the Summer of No Pants for myself. I say this because I recently discovered jersey maternity dresses, and good grief, I have no idea why I even bothered with pants before! I like to pair my latte Mox with this blue dress, and dress it up a bit with some jewelry. It’s nice enough for a date night, but as comfy as pajamas!

The perfect shoes for a Memphis summer.

Honestly, no matter the status of your uterus, these shoes cannot be beat in this Memphis heat and humidity. They’re airy, which is a nice feeling, but also great for if you’ve maybe gone a little too long since your last pedicure. They keep your feet cool without being as characterless as flip-flops, and are also more durable. My favorite part, which I just found out this month? They do great in rain. You know how we have those randomly wet days, and the puddles stick around forever? Well, no worries. Mox Shoes won’t slip on wet asphalt or tile like flip-flops or canvas flats! No more embarrassing slipping and sliding when you walk into Target or across a parking lot!



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