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World Down Syndrome Day is Today :: March 21st

March 21st is World Down Syndrome day. Excited yet? Do you know what this day means? Have you heard of World Down Syndrome day? Do you know what to do?

My beautiful daughter Norah.

Down Syndrome entered my world on June 30, 2014. Before this date, I didn’t know this day existed. I didn’t know one person with Down Syndrome. I wasn’t friends with anyone on social media that advocated for Down Syndrome.  On June 30th I gave birth to this beautiful little girl that changed my entire world and my heart.

Here is a little information for you:

What is World Down Syndrome day?

It’s a day marked on the calendar to raise awareness and acceptance. All over the world, people celebrate this day by advocating, informing and hosting public events. 

What do I do on World Down Syndrome day?

One of the biggest and easiest ways to help support and educate others is to wear crazy socks. Why crazy socks? Socks resemble what a chromosome looks like and people with this disorder have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. Your crazy socks will provoke a conversation and you go from there. You can let them know you’re wearing your socks for Norah or any other person you may know that has DS. Last year we had so many people take pictures of their socks and tag me on social media – you can follow me on Instagram @tamekia79 and feel free to tag me. It’s fun and it works. 

You can also wear the colors blue and yellow. You can purchase a t-shirt to raise awareness or some jewelry; especially if the proceeds of that purchase goes towards your local support organization!

Memphis Down Syndrome Association of Memphis & the Mid-South has information about an annual walk for World Down Syndrome day. There are other awesome events throughout the year you can check out and get involved with.

One important thing to know is that it doesn’t stop life. Most people with the disorder live fulfilling lives. They have jobs, go to college, get married, have children, and some even live independently. 

The saying goes, there’s nothing down about Down Syndrome!

nothing down about down syndrome

We live with Down Syndrome everyday, so we try on a regular basis to raise awareness and acceptance. We live a life we love and can’t imagine it without Norah in it.

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