Passionate About the Memphis area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet Belinda!

Chicago born but Memphis made.

Although born in Chicago I have called Memphis home for over 30 years. I love the big city with a small town feel, especially for raising my sons.  I have always attended Catholic schools. My high school, Immaculate Conception, is all girls. As an only child being able to form lifelong “sisterships” has impacted my life in wondrous ways.  My best friend, who I met in high school, was my college roommate at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I truly enjoyed my time at UTM. I was a Nursing major, but hated blood and needles.  I was a little sister to a fraternity, involved in campus activities and I fully embraced the college experience. If there was a party, I was there. Party first, study second–that was part of the reason my mom made me come back home.  I transferred to Memphis State University (University of Memphis), changed my major to something the I loved and graduated with a BA in Communication and Fine Arts.  I was ready to face the world.

Holding Up The World

I started my after college career at First Tennessee Bank, where I met my husband.  I left the bank to work for Nike.  I literally grew up at Nike.  I got married, bought a house, had children, lost a parent, got a divorce, and earned my MBA. I spent 14 years at Nike.  It was like a family.

My two sons are my world.  I am a true girly girl but my sons keep me grounded in all things boy. They couldn’t care less about the house being “pretty”.  It’s a daily struggle, but one that I cherish. It’s not easy being a single parent but I have an awesome support system.  My friends and family are the best. My boys will soon be off to college and I’ll be an empty nester.  To be honest I’m kind of looking forward to it… I think.

Simpson Boys

After spending most of my career in corporate America I was ready to shift gears.  I wanted my career to have meaning, so I ventured into the non-profit sector.  I knew that I wanted to work with women and or young people, but I had no clue about the where or how.  As luck or destiny would have it I get to do both.  As Director of Community Outreach I have the privilege of helping young women plan their lives and their families.

In my spare time… or rather, when I make the time, I love to thrift, read, write and take care of my spirit.  I am a firm believer that  self-care should be your number one priority, especially as a woman and a mother.  You can find me sharing all things Belinda at


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