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St. Patrick’s Day Fun With Kids

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Oh St. Patrick’s Day….you either celebrate it or you don’t. My husband is almost 100% Irish, so in our family its a fun day to plan and celebrate! If you usually go all out or if you have never celebrated before, I am here with a list of ideas that you can use from sun up to sun down.

How about surprising your kids with some leprechaun footprints on the toilet in the morning?



Feed them a fun breakfast and give them some leprechaun energy that will get them through the day. Don’t forget to wear green!





Make sure to send them off to school with goodies for the teacher and their classmates. These are some really cute and easy ideas.





How about packing them a fun St. Patrick’s Day lunch? These are super fun!! If you don’t like these ideas, you could also pack their lunch with only things that are green. Snap peas, applesauce pouches, cucumber, kiwi, grapes…just use your imagination!

St.Patricks Day Go Green bento snack




After school, have a fun snack waiting for them. I am in love with this! Its healthy with a little dose of sweet.


These green rice krispie treats are fun too!



Now its time to get crafty!! This is a perfect way to get those little hands on canvas and it doubles as decor.



How about printing a free banner to hang up in your house?



This free printable is super cute. Pop it in a picture frame and you have instant festiveness.



Buy a box of colored ring cereal and let your little ones string it onto a piece of yarn for a fun rainbow necklace.



This is another cute example of handprint art. I don’t know about you, but I love anything that has my child’s hand prints on it.



Want to incorporate some educational fun into your day? This is a great idea. Hide paper shamrocks all over the house. You can use rhyming words for the kids to match up, sight words that they have to find and or even just write ABC’s on them for the toddlers to find and identify. It’s a great activity for all ages. Just adapt to fit for your children.



Try a few (or all) of these ideas to incorporate a little fun into your day. Your kids will think you are the coolest mom ever!

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