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Grown Up Vacation...It's Time(1)

Grown Up Vacation – It’s Time

I can vividly remember sipping a fruity drink on my honeymoon and talking to my then-new husband about taking a special trip for our future 10th wedding anniversary. I had it all planned out – I told you I was a type-A planner! – we would travel back to Jamaica, stay at the same amazing resort, […]

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wishing you a merry

Making Holiday Memories

How do traditions become traditions in our families? In the world of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, we see ideas for traditions that we can start all the time. Just a quick Pinterest search of “Christmas Traditions” gives me 12 Fun Christmas Eve Traditions, 24 Meaningful Christmas Traditions, 29+ Memorable Christmas Traditions, and the list goes on. I don’t […]

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DIY Teacher Gift

Show Your Teachers the Love

Teachers are special people. Working in education, I see firsthand the love and care that each teacher pours into their classroom. Now as a mom, I’m experiencing the magic of a good teacher from a different angle. Even though Ruthie is only 11 months, she’s in the nursery at school and so she’s got two […]

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Losing My Identity Memphis Moms Blog

Losing My Identity

I was convinced that being a mom wouldn’t change me. When I got married, my friends told me that, once I was a wife, I would be different. Independent by nature, I was convinced that it wouldn’t be the case. And almost seven years in, I do believe that being married hasn’t changed me. I’m […]

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Gifts that won't break the bank (1)

Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Have you ever bought your child a really amazing, expensive gift only to have them end up playing with pots and pans in the kitchen or bubble wrap from the gift you bought? It’s truly frustrating, but it should be a lesson and reminder that not everything we buy has to be brand new or […]

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3 Maternity Pieces to Wear Right Now(1)

3 Maternity Pieces to Wear Right Now (even if you’re not pregnant!)

  You know how maternity clothes are known for being insanely comfortable? Like, I-feel-like-I’m-wearing-pajamas comfortable? The jeans with no buttons, the long sweaters, and the stretchy waistbands… That’s what dreams are made of. I’m probably just really weird. You’ll have to forgive me. I shamelessly support this method of extending your wardrobe a little and […]

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