Passionate About the Memphis area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet Jessi Keough

I was 15 weeks pregnant and about to receive my first ultrasound. The sonographer lubed up my belly, rolled the equipment around on it, and then said, “Honey, is this your first ultrasound?” I said, “Yes, ma’am.” She said, “Well, I’ve got something to tell you… you see those two heartbeats?” I stared at the […]

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photo credit :: Waldorf Photographic Art

Meet Amanda Parks

Hi! My name is Amanda and I’ve never not lived in Tennessee. And I’ve never lived in the same city for longer than 6 years. In fact, I believe Memphis is where I’ve lived the longest, despite being born and raised in East Tennessee. Consequently, I don’t have an answer for the common question, “where […]

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Introducing Kristin Funston

I don’t often get to sit down and think about where I’ve been. Heck, I don’t often get to think at all. Parenting Littles doesn’t allow for much mind-wandering, just a perpetual state of survival mode. But I’ve been given permission to, so here we go… If I was to sum myself into one word, […]

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It’s Launch Day!

Well, here we are, Memphis! It’s Launch Day here at Memphis Moms Blog, and we couldn’t be more excited! What is Memphis Moms Blog? Well, Memphis Moms Blog is a lot of things… We are part of a nationwide network. We belong to the City Moms Blog Network, a national network of sites dedicated to being […]

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