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I Didn’t Know My Own Baby

I know my two daughters better than anyone…even themselves. I know that my oldest is a typical first-born who likes to make the rules and gets upset when things don’t go precisely her way. I know that my youngest is more impulsive and “strong-willed”…and admittedly a bit of a bruiser. I know that my oldest […]

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cherish the moments

You Don’t Have to Cherish the Moments

As a new mom, you hear a lot of cliches. As a mom of twins, I got a lot of, “Bless your hearts,” and the understated, but equally unhelpful, “Wow, your hands sure are full!” every time I left the house. The grocery store was my own personal hell. I would have one twin screaming […]

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A Letter to My First Born

To My Darling Daughter,  I always knew that I wanted to be a mom. If your dad had on board with it, I would have had you three years sooner, but you were totally worth the wait. The day after I took my implant out, I stocked up on pregnancy tests. I was so anxious […]

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Memphis Moms Blog before you

Before and After

Before and After. We know the concept all too well. As in “I was _____ [insert negative adjective], but now I’m _____ [insert awesome adjective]!” With photo documentation of how bad Before was and how amazing After is, of course. The Before and After of becoming a Mom is not so cut and dry. I wasn’t […]

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Memphis Moms Blog stolenfrombaby

Things I’ve Stolen From My Baby

The saying goes, “It’s like taking candy from a baby;” but the truth is, I’ve taken a lot more than that from my babies. As it turns out, babies have some really cool stuff. Having just become a mom last year, I am still becoming acquainted with a whole new world of baby accouterments. Here’s […]

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