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Adoption Chronicles :: Part 3

We are nine months into the adoption process. You’d think we would have a baby already, right? Well…. no. It doesn’t quite work that way. At least, not for us. In fact, it feels like we’re stuck in rush hour traffic, with every false start leaving us a bit more frustrated than before. The funny […]

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Photographer: Jarvis Hughes

The Lost Village

You send out the baby announcements and everyone rings with joy. You receive endless congratulations and suffocating support. Everyone talks of what experiences they want to share with the newest addition, and you finally begin to accept that you aren’t in this alone. And then the village disappears. Where did they go? My husband and […]

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Motherhood Has Granted Me Grace That I Now Pass On To You

Motherhood has changed me. I challenge you to show me a mother who wouldn’t readily agree with that statement. Some days, it feels like all of my cells have been rearranged…it’s like my molecular makeup got a little jiggy-jog when I birthed my two babies. I feel different. Simple as that. I’ve only been a […]

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A Letter to My First Born

To My Darling Daughter,  I always knew that I wanted to be a mom. If your dad had on board with it, I would have had you three years sooner, but you were totally worth the wait. The day after I took my implant out, I stocked up on pregnancy tests. I was so anxious […]

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