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mother daughter relationship

Losing my Mother and Best Friend

Mother daughter relationships are the rockiest kind of relationship you could ever be in. There is a .2 second rebound rate when going from getting cussed out in the passenger seat of the car for changing the radio station to singing along to “this ish is bananas, b.a.n.a.n.a.s” and that it is, my friend! My […]

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forever marriage

Bringing My Marriage Back to Life

A little over a year ago, my husband and I came to a crossroad in our relationship. We had to make the choice to begin to put each other first before EVERYTHING or to continue to put everything else before our marriage. We didn’t really date or do anything fun that didn’t include our kids […]

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A Letter to My First Born

To My Darling Daughter,  I always knew that I wanted to be a mom. If your dad had on board with it, I would have had you three years sooner, but you were totally worth the wait. The day after I took my implant out, I stocked up on pregnancy tests. I was so anxious […]

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Memphis Moms Blog love letters from mom lovey

Love Letters from Mom :: La Croix

Dear La Croix, For months, I lusted after you from afar. Living overseas meant we were behind on many of the new goodies the U.S. market pumped out daily (it took years before they could get still-edible Halo Top over to the desert). But your gaudy cans started popping up in my feed. You were […]

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Memphis Moms Blog mama vibes

Mama Vibes Loud and Clear

We’ve got something in common. We moms stick together. We support each other. When the life of another mom is disrupted by fear, sadness, or pain, we try to imagine being in her shoes. We often can’t fully grasp it unless we have also been through it, but it’s the attempt to understand and to […]

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Memphis Moms Blog loving through the hard times

Loving Through the Hard Times

What is the cost of saying, “I love you?” How much are you willing to sacrifice for the person you love? Love has no monetary value, but it costs everything! When you love intentionally, it requires time, patience, understanding, forgiveness…the list goes on and on. Love is one of the most valuable resources that we […]

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Memphis Moms Blog love don't cost a thing

Love Don’t Cost a Thing

I’m a pretty low maintenance spouse. Ask my husband. I don’t ask for a lot, because we’ve never had a ton of extra money to do elaborate presents. We were poor thrifty when we were dating, and we’ve gotten used to spending what we have on the kids or on trips (translation: not on each […]

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