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Being Nice to Your Spouse

Recently I had all three of my children in the pediatrician’s office for their annual well baby visits: six year, two year and one year.  While I would love to pretend I am super mom and can handle anything by myself, my husband offered to meet me at the pediatrician’s office to help facilitate the […]

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Two Beds are Better Than One Memphis Moms Blog Jenny Oldenburg

Two Beds Are Better Than One

May was Better Sleep Month (so we’re a few days late… oops!) and is there anyone who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep? There are all sorts of tips and tricks for getting better rest: cutting out caffeine, reducing evening screen time, creating relaxing bedtime rituals. But my husband and I took things a few […]

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Celebrating V-Day When You’re Mom & Dad

I’m not a romantic. If my husband wants to make me weak in my knees, he doesn’t give me roses. He unloads the dishwasher.  So when Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, I totally understand the inclination to roll your eyes and cite the many ways consumerism is capitalizing on our romantic notions or insecurities. […]

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