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In the Trenches, Part 1: Listing a house. With kids.

Oh, you have kids? And you want to sell your house? STOP IMMEDIATELY, and ask yourself the following: Have you been drinking? Are you taking mind-altering drugs of any kind? HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND?! Are you sure? LIKE REALLY, REALLY SURE? Because selling your house is TEN SHADES OF CRAZY, and I’m just getting started. […]

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Kids + Remodeling :: Tips for Surviving

WE SURVIVED RENOVATIONS and now have both a beautiful and functional bathroom! We are a family of 5 and share a single bathroom in our 1,000 square foot home. I truly hope that the sometimes stress of our small living space is helping to build some comical memories for my kids. That one bathroom was originally built […]

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Hello, Ashley Ann here!

Hey y’all, Ashley Ann here. Named after a Soap Opera star, be jealous. So, can you guess where I’m from?! Yes ma’am, the great state of Texas. Although, technically, I was born in Louisiana. My parents saved us from that black hole when I was a nose-picking kindergartner. Like our fearless leader and wine connoisseur […]

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