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Keto Must-Haves For Fall

In Memphis, it stays hot waaaaaayyyy too long into the fall. We Memphians often play tricks on ourselves until we are convinced it’s autumn, even though it’s 90-plus degrees outside. And because we are in the South, we solve this predicament just like we do any other problem we encounter—with food. Fall is full of […]

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Colorado Green Chili

My husband is a native Coloradoan. I spent eight wonderful years in the Denver area. While we love living in Memphis, we agree that there are many things we miss: Family, friends, the Rocky Mountains (oh, the Rocky Mountains…), snow (but to be clear, I DO NOT miss the snow), and the incredible and unparalleled […]

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Orange and Almond Granola Recipe

Oh, I can see your face right now. She’s that mom, the mom who makes her own granola. (You can imagine an “eye roll” emoji right here.) Don’t worry–I still use a plastic water bottle, drugstore cosmetics, and enjoy some high fructose corn syrup now and again. You still reading? Good! Granola is the perfect […]

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