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Single For Now

At the age of 32 my mother became a widow. She also became a single parent to a 10-year-old daddy’s girl. From that moment on, she put all of her energy into being a parent. I was her main focus. We had a wonderful relationship. I talked to my mom about everything. When I started […]

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Karena Hardaway contributor Memphis Moms Blog

Meet Karena Hardaway!

  Hi! My name is Karena, and I was born and raised in Orange Mound, TN. Now, Orange Mound isn’t the prettiest or best of neighborhoods, but it’s where I’ve been all my life. I’m a single mommy of an amazing little lady who captures the heart s of everyone she meets. She’s kind and compassionate, intelligent, a ball […]

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Defining “Real”

“Will we be meeting Grady’s dad?” Questions like this have always made me squirm a little, even though they really shouldn’t. I know you didn’t mean to strike a nerve, and the question was asked merely so you could understand our family dynamic a little better. I wasn’t the least bit offended, honestly. So I gave you […]

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